Precision Locknut

Precision Locknut - YS Series

The mounting of a ballscrew bearing or thrust bearing (usually because of the traditional locknut's thread precision or ground end squareness) is often so big that it can cause problems that affect the precision of the machine itself, the life of the machine, and mounting. Our company produces a series of bearing locknuts, and these products are especially manufactured according to the machine design requirements of your company. We have developed a series of precision nut products with inner-hole threads and ground ends that can be finely ground at the same time.

Why Use The Bearing Locknuts

The important accuracy requirements of a locknut bearing and the V-thread on a ballscrew or spindle are the fitness between the two and squareness of the end where the locknut attaches the bearing. These factors directly affect the life, reliability, and quality of the bearings and the ballscrews / spindles; this, of course, also affects the image and quality of your products. The Yinsh precision Locknuts are specially manufactured to meet your requirements

How To Use The Precision Locknuts

 Ascertain the tolerance between the axle V-thread and the Bearing Locknut.
 Clean up the V-thread and the locknut (don't remove the fastening screws).
 Assemble and fasten the locknut with suitable tools and a torque wrench to achieve the required load. (Never force it just on a single point.)
 According to proper twisting force, tighten the anti-loosen screw.
 Clean each locknut before using.


Our infrastructure and skilled workforce, has helped us in offering our patrons with a defect-free range of products at cost effective prices in a specific period of time. Our ability to meet the demands and financial requirements has helped us in building a trust of our patrons all across the nation. Different modes of payments are set up, keeping the ease and budget constraint of our valuable customers in mind.


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