Motors and Drives

Lean Automation Solution offers AC servo motors and stepper motors, which when combined with Hiwin's product line are great solutions for converting rotary motion into linear motion. Our motors complement our product offerings and can be a complete linear motion solution when our servo drive is incorporated. Our servo drive solution is compatible with: high performance drives for linear motors, shaft motors, torque motors, and AC servo motors.


  • Simple for angle/speed control
  • Detent torque
  • High resolution and positional accuracy
  • Stepping angle 1.8 degree
  • Two phase stepping motor
  • Synchronized with input pulse
  • High positional accuracy with open-loop method
  • Good response for start and stop
  • No accumulated angle error when stoppe


  • ST55


    • 2 phases (6 lead wire) stepping motor supportable
    • Single pole current driver
    • Micro-stepping driver function
    • Constant output current 0.2A~2Av
    • Max frequency response 150000Hz
    • Support Pulse/Direction pulse (1P)
    • Support CW/CCW pulse (2P)
    • Support Quadrature pulse (A/B)
    • Additional positive/negative pole limit control
    • Motor exciting release

    Customized - Linear Guide Slides

    Linear guide slides (also known as linear bearing slides) are linear translation stages designed for precise low friction linear movement and are available in roller or ball designs. They can receive loads in any direction and achieve linear movement with extremely high accuracy while providing exceptionally smooth operation. They are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications such as CNC and laser-machining centers, drilling machines, grinding machines, material handling equipment, industrial robots, medical and optical equipment and other instruments and devices.

    Advantages of Linear Guide Slides

    • Smooth, fast and extremely accurate positioning performance due to low friction
    • Uniform and low coefficient of friction allows the use of smaller drives and motors
    • Seals, wipers and covers help protect slides in hostile environments

    Lean Automation Solutions linear guide slides are designed for speed and accuracy and at the same time high levels of loading. The recirculating balls or rollers provide a high number of effective contact points, and the preload of the bearing assembly ensures a high level of accuracy. An important characteristic of the linear bearing slides is the ability to accept this high loading from any direction. The high quality of these slides is achieved by precision grinding of rail and bearing mounting surfaces to assure high accuracy. To maintain that high quality, Lean Automation Solutions offers metal or fabric covers and coatings for hazardous environments. These coatings resist wear, chemicals and corrosion. Some coatings offer high temperature stability, nonstick surfaces and dry film lubrication. Lean Automation Solutions's facilities, equipment and application engineering assistance help solve your most challenging design problems. Our quality standards assure that our products have the highest accuracy, reliability, precision and durability.

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